Privacy Policy

Handling of Job Applicants’ Personal Information

ispace,inc. will handle applicants’ personal information acquired by the Company through application forms, resumes, etc. appropriately in accordance with the following matters based on the Company’s Privacy Policy.

1. About personal information

Personal information is the information specified in each of the following items and refers to the information that the Company received through recruitment activities that can identify the specific applicant. Information regarding applicant’s name, date of birth, age, gender, zip code and address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Job history, motivation, qualifications and annual income stated on the resume or job history submitted by the applicant, as well as information about the results of examinations upon hiring process and health check-up result.

2. Purpose of using personal information

The Company may use personal information only for the following purposes and will not use personal information other than following purposes.

・For confirmation of the application history and selection based on the documents which describe personal information such as resumes.

・To contact/ confirm about date and time for scheduling interview and to notify the result of the interview

・For determination of salary and employment management after employment

In addition to the cases listed in the preceding three paragraphs, for the purpose of use with the consent of the person

3. About consignment of the handling of personal information/ Disclosure of personal information

The Company may outsource third party related to the handling of personal information within the scope of the purpose of use. The Company supervise the subcontractors to strictly manage personal information.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

We will not provide or disclose the applicant’s personal information to any third party other than the outsourced third party without the applicant’s consent. However, in cases where it is based on reasons stipulated by laws and regulations, we may disclose the personal information of applicants.

5. Storage and use of personal information

As a result of the recruitment process, personal information of applicants who have been hired will be stored and used as personnel information in accordance with laws and regulations and internal regulations. In cases the applicant does not offered the job, personal information will be disposed and deleted responsibly by the Company. We will not return the documents submitted upon application.

6. Correction of personal information

For notification of the purpose of use of personal information disclosure, correction or deletion, or for requests to cease or delete the use of personal information, please contact the following contact address.

7. In case of no provision of personal information

If the applicant does not provide all or part of personal information, the company may refuse the selection process.

Contact address regarding handling personal information:

Recruiting team